A second great source to learn more about the OSP project, vision, and background was an ACEHP Almanac Article published in coordination with our first CMEpalooza presentation:

2018 CE Outcomes Standardization Project (OSP): Just the Beginning …

The article provided the community with an overview of the project, plus served as the first public record of the 20+ terms being considered for the v1 OSP Glossary:

  1. Learner Funnel
  2. Exposure
  3. Participant
  4. Learner
  5. Start
  6. Engagement
  7. Completion
  8. Completion Rate
  9. Moore’s Level 1, Participation
  10. Moore’s Level 2, Satisfaction
  11. Moore’s Level 3a, Declarative Knowledge
  12. Moore’s Level 3b, Procedural Knowledge
  13. Moore’s Level 4, Competence
  14. Moore’s Level 5, Performance
  15. Moore’s Level 6, Patient Health
  16. Moore’s Level 7, Community Health
  17. Pre-Test
  18. Post-Test
  19. First Post-Test Score
  20. Final Post-Test Score
  21. Evaluation
  22. Follow-up Assessment/Evaluation
  23. Summative Assessment/Evaluation
  24. Formative Assessment/Evaluation

** Keep in mind that the Almanac is now an open-access publication and a great resource for our community!