This week between Christmas and New Year’s is a time to reflect, looking both back and forward. But given what we have all endured over the past 20+ months, lets skip the looking back piece and wholly embrace the looking forward piece! The good news is that ‘fresh starts’ like the beginning of a year, […]

“What if all this work is done, and no one ever hears about it” One of the many on-going conversations that the members of the OSP Steering Team have had over the past 10 months is how best to get the word out about the standardization project and the OSP glossary. Given the 100’s of […]

A second great source to learn more about the OSP project, vision, and background was an ACEHP Almanac Article published in coordination with our first CMEpalooza presentation: 2018 CE Outcomes Standardization Project (OSP): Just the Beginning … The article provided the community with an overview of the project, plus served as the first public record […]