Term used to describe the action an HCP takes to begin the core educational content/intervention. If an Activity is preceded with CE/CME front matter or a pre-test, a Start occurs AFTER an HCP has navigated through these items.



Simple count



Consensus Opinion



Of the 800 HCPs who clicked to learn more about the online asthma series, 350 eventually clicked play on an enduring online activity.

  • Starts = 350

Of the 300 HCPs who registered for a symposium at the annual meeting, 200 attended (signed-in at) the event.

  • Starts = 200

Of the 280 staff members of the Neurology department 35 attended (signed-in at) at the event.

  • Starts = 35


Additional Contextual Information:

  • The term Start refers to the specific event. The term Learner (defined elsewhere in the glossary) refers to the individual.
  • It is fully recognized by the OSP Steering Team that some learning may occur as an HCP is reviewing the front matter or is completing the pre-test (if administered separate from the educational intervention) but for sake of standardization a line has to be drawn somewhere.
  • It is also recognized that some formats may not allow for a count of Starts – and that is fine – in such a case Starts cannot be reported. Other elements of the Participation Funnel, that can be measured, should be used instead.