Learning Actions


Term used to describe the behavior of a Learner while consuming/participating in the core educational content/intervention.



A count of actions such as interacting with poll questions, ARS questions, taking notes, setting reminders, searching through related content, downloading content or resources, or submitting/asking questions.



Consensus Opinion



Of the 350 Learners in an online asthma series, there were 1,250 learning actions that could be counted.

  • Learning Actions = 1,250

Of the 200 Learners at a symposium at the annual meeting, there were 450 learning actions that could be counted

  • Learning Actions = 450


Additional Contextual Information:

  • The actions taken by HCPs within the learning experience provide invaluable insights into the parts of the experience and content deemed most important. Learning Actions data can therefore be used to provide insights into how the HCPs are thinking about the content or experience.
  • Different educational formats will allow for different learning actions to be counted/recorded and therefore comparing such counts across activities should be done with some caution. For example, the number of learning actions will rise and fall as a matter of the length of the activity. Similarly, the number of learning actions may change if the instructional design leveraged more active design approaches.