Intended Reach


Term used to indicate the number of unique HCPs to whom the availability of educational activities is being promoted. This is a simple, push-based count of the individual HCPs to whom invites/emails/monographs have been sent. This is often the first stage of the Participation Funnel.



Simple count



Consensus Opinion



4 online enduring activities have been launched and three rounds of marketing emails have each been sent to 15,500 physicians.

  • Intended Reach for the online series = 15,500

2,500 association members are attending an annual meeting at which a satellite symposium is being held.

  • Intended Reach for the satellite symposium = 2,500

Neurology RSS are planned for the first Friday of each month. The RSS are promoted to the 280 staff members of the Neurology department.

  • Intended Reach for the RSS = 280


Additional Contextual Information:

  • This definition focuses on the intention of the Provider to communicate to an audience of HCPs. As a best practice, the tactic or methods of outreach should be described.
  • If possible, it is valuable to separately report on the breakdown of intended reach by other demographic variables such as role, specialty, or profession.
  • The number (or repetition) of outreach attempts (invites/emails) may also be of some value to report, but this number should be separately described as the “Marketing” or “Awareness” plan and should not be confused with the Intended Reach.