First Post-Test Score


Term used to define a measure of a Learner’s performance on his first attempt at a post-test, before any feedback or additional rational is provided.



Providers with technological capacity often allow learners to re-take individual questions or an entire Post-test until a "passing" score threshold is reached, it is important to differentiate the first post-test scores from those scores achieved on subsequent attempts.



Consensus Opinion





Additional Contextual Information:

  • When allowing repeated Post-Test attempts, Providers should fully disclose in reports the type of data that is being shared (e.g., separate reporting, only reporting first post-test, etc.).
  • When Learners are given the opportunity to re-take a post-test question after responding with an incorrect answer on the first attempt (often limited to online administration), each Post-test attempt should be scored if possible.
  • The first post-test attempt is found to be the "truest" measure of immediate learning following the educational experience. However, repeated attempts at a question, especially when provided feedback regarding why an answer is correct and/or incorrect, can act as additional educational touch-points for learners. Thus, repeated post-test attempts can be an extension of a learning experience and there is some value in exploring additional or final post-test scores.