Final Post-Test Score


Term used to define a measure of a Learner’s performance on their final attempt at a post-test. With each repeated attempt at a post-test a Learner’s experience with the test evolves. The final post-test score is a measure of what a learner was able to achieve through this evolving experience.



Providers with technological capacity often allow learners to re-take individual questions or an entire Post-test until a "passing" score threshold is reached, it is important to differentiate the final post-test scores from those scores achieved on prior attempts.



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Additional Contextual Information:

  • When allowing repeated Post-Test attempts, Providers should fully disclose in reports the type of data that is being shared (e.g., separate reporting, only reporting first post-test, etc.). Likewise, if feedback is provided on failed attempts the type of feedback that was included should be explained (e.g., the number of incorrect answers are shared, vs each incorrect question is called out, vs correct answer is provided).
  • When Learners are given the opportunity to re-take a post-test question after responding with an incorrect answer on the first attempt (often limited to online administration), each Post-test attempt should be scored and counted if possible.
  • The results of multiple test attempts are often confounded by guessing. Nonetheless, by providing feedback regarding why an answer is correct and/or incorrect, can act as additional educational touch-points for learners. Thus, repeated post-test attempts can be an extension of a learning experience.