Term used to describe the learning actions or behaviors of an HCP has while consuming/participating in the core educational content/intervention.



Engagement for an individual can be measured as a count of learning actions such as interacting with poll questions, ARS questions, taking notes, setting reminders, searching through related content, downloading content or resources, or submitting/asking questions. Deeper analyses of the actions or behaviors themselves is often more informative.



Action, Engagement, and Effectiveness by Dr. Brian McGowan

Consensus Opinion



Learner X answered 3 ARS questions and asked 2 questions

  • Learner X Engagement = 5 actions

Of the 350 Learners in an online asthma series, there were 1,250 learning actions counted.

  • Average Engagement = 3.6 actions per learner

Of the 200 Learners at a symposium at the annual meeting, there were 450 learning actions counted

  • Average Engagement = 2.25 actions per learner


Additional Contextual Information:

  • Within an activity the engagement for a given learner appears to be directly correlated with the effectiveness of the activity.
  • Different educational formats will allow for different learning actions to be counted/recorded and therefore comparing engagement score across activities should be done with some caution. For example, measures of engagement will rise and fall as a matter of the length of the activity. Similarly, the measures of engagement may change if the instructional design leveraged more active design approaches.